7 Feb 2017

Hi Folks! We haven’t forgotten that many of you wish to attend the awards ceremony. We need to be closer to the actual event in order to estimate the available tickets based on the number of volunteers that we have verified and the room capacity. We’ll announce on the website and on the Facebook page once we have firm numbers before we put the link to purchase tickets up on our website. Thank you for your patience.

29 Jan 2017

Folks we had someone violate the “new entrants only” rule below for the last 50 slots in the Home Competition. We have deleted those entries and freed up two more slots. If you have any entries, even if they went in today, you are NOT allowed to take those slots. New entrants only.

26 Jan 2017

ATTN: Late Breaking Mazer Cup Competition News – Home Entries Are Opening Again!

Due to incredible popular demand and since we’ve confirmed our ability to handle the extra load this year, we are RE-OPENING the Home Entry Registration for 50 more entries! In order to ensure fair access for all, we are restricting these new entry slots to people who have NOT yet gotten an entry registered this year. If you try to sneak in an entry in the late group and we find that you have earlier entries in the registry database, we will disqualify and purge your late entries from the list. So, for new entrants only this year, mark your calendars! The Home Competition Entry registration page on the MazerCup.org website will be active again, as of 5:00 PM Mountain Standard Time on Sunday, 29 January, and it will remain active until those 50 additional entry slots are filled!

20 Jan 2017

We are posting the link here again for those of you who wish to book the special Mazer Cup International hotel rate for the Omni


16 Jan 2017

The storefront is up and running. Mead Mixer tickets and sponsorships are available for your enjoyment.

9 Jan 2017

HAVING ENTRY PROBLEMS? Please be sure you are using our Mazercup.ORG domain to connect to the site. DO NOT USE MazerCup.com.

The .COM domain has been deprecated and is only being forwarded as a courtesy.

10 Jan 2017

BJCP Mead Exam to be held on Thursday 03/09/2017
Prior to the judging exam you will need to pass the online BJCP mead entrance exam. The judging exam is $40, or $15 for existing BJCP members.
Here is a link to the mead exam online information:

EMAIL info@mazercup.org to reserve your spot.